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May 04, 2023


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so i am positively frolicking around in skyrim now thanks to a little trick raven figured out for me that was like the most ideal mother's day gift, an exploit where i use my alchemy & enchanting skills to exponentially ramp up my potions & enchanting skills back & forth quickly enough that i could create my own special amulets to wear that in essence Cure me of all my painful overencumberance so i can travel around at full speed without the slog of dragging heavy weapons & armor forever slowing me down! i'm a stealth character, which can slow me down in itself, & forever i've had to keep my bow readied to regain some speed, & this was practically giving me carpal tunnel syndrome, holding the controller in this position always.. No More!! my very own invention, the 'Carryitall' amulet rids me of that issue..
(inspired by the decemberists' song lyric ;) & the special 'alchemy eye' amulet i created makes my potions beyond powerful into the ludicrous! all i can say is fuck around & find out! one-shotting dragons & giants is kinda fun! :D & i used my own bonehawk skull i hunted & shot with an arrow to create it, made the other amulet myself at my smithing station too.. how cool! after decades in elder scrolls i think i deserve this perk, they should add it in as an achievement for veteran players anyway in my opinion..

now i can run about freely gathering alchemic ingredients, mushrooms & flowers, collecting butterflies & mining heavy ores for my weapon-making, & toxic can steal as many books as she wants, it actually has the added benefit of granting me unlimited gold, although i was not exactly lacking anyway ;)
but what fun! i've added a bunch of new youtubes to my channel here:
but here are the best examples, the carryitall amulet:
& the alchemy eye:

happy mother's day indeed!! thanks raven <3

so mr dad's in indy on a business trip & things have been nice & quiet here, reminds me how raven & i babysit our mischievous alice in our day & night shifts & are always trying to impress upon him the need to not activate her constantly once she's gotten settled & is asleep (we get a break!)
colin's lyrics in this decemberists song done in classic irish drinking song style explain it plainly:

kick a hole
in the hallway wall
singing like a painted lady
use your skull
like a cannonball
but it better not
wake the baby!
how long will this go on?
how long, indeed?
bang a drum
'till the money's all gone
but it better not
wake the baby
make a moan of
your lot in life
split your mind half crazy
gouge your eyes
with a butter knife
but it better
not wake the baby
how long will this go on?
how long, indeed?
bang a drum
'till the money's all gone
but it better not
wake the baby
drown yourself in
crocodile tears
curse the gods what made 'ye
pine away for
your banner years
but it better not
wake the baby
how long will this go on?
how long, indeed?
bang a drum
'till the money's all gone
but it better not
wake the baby
how long will this go on?
how long, indeed?
bang a drum
'till the money's all gone
but it better not
wake the baby
better not wake the
batter not wake the baby!

p.s. in this sunshine our backyard arbor day trees are sprouting :)

p.p.s. this is too cool, wait till raven sees this.


glad to have mr dad back home, jetlagged & with a story to tell, it seems his flight back from frisco (layover) was interesting because he was seated across from a 450 lb sumo wrestler & a man with tourette's who couldn't stop humming & whistling songs the whole flight :o ?! lols can't make this stuff up..


over on insta elvira posted that may is the ideal time to plant your pumpkins ;) well, we planted our patch on mayday & i am proud to say they are now sprouting!
great pumpkin, did you hear that? :D

nice cool days here for a bit, how nice to actually go back to spring, but pinecones are falling like autumn,
are our trees confused?
speaking of being confused, my ads of late: ok why???


p.s. elvira is just cassandra peterson in make-up, she's hilarious & loveable in or out of the old role, i follow her & you should too!


anyone else think this was the best season of survivor so far? i would've voted for carolyn though ;)

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