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a ghost.. a real ghost.. has no need to die.. what is she except a being without access to the universe that she has not yet managed to forget?
~ randall jarrell

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August 20, 2021


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#infj #poem #ghostgallery #rowsofneveropeneddoors #radiohead #lyrics #art #mentalhealth #innerchild
#psychology #songs #music

so i may have mentioned that thom yorke is my muse?

wrote a poem today:

climbing up the walls (ghost version)
/keys to the gallery

i am the key to the lock in your house
that keeps your toys in the basement
& if you get too far inside
you'll only see my reflection
i am the crying monster
i am the toyroom mouse
i am the sad soldier
i am the closet skeleton
i am the pinecone collector
i am the holes in your socks
do not cry out or hit the alarm
you know we're friends till we die
i am the little raven
i am the stealer of butterflies
i am the little train that couldn't
i am rags
i am the forgotten birthday bear
i am the doll with her head full of Everything
i am the broken clown
& either way you turn i'll be there
open up your skull, i'll be there
climbing up the walls
i am the listener
i am the autumn butterfly
i am the bride of quiet
i am the good vampire
i am the real ghost
i am the frozen charlotte out in the cold
stalactites & stalagmites
rows of never opened doors
& one day i froze up like this


#pdx #raccoons #nature #wildlife #portland #oregon #photos #cute

quite the adventure this cool morning ~


#kitty #cat #cheshirecat #therapycat #love #kittyheaven #catlady #love

my cheshire cat may have disappeared from view, but i know she is still there smiling down at me..


#infj #vampire #mentalhealth #arttherapy #ghostgallery #rowsofneveropeneddoors #ocd #dollscape #innerchild

so i live with pmle, ibs-c, cardiomyopathy, orthostatic hypotension, late stage menopausal insanity (hot & cold flashes) & agoraphobia, ocd, nightmares & depression, you know, more fun than one person should be allowed to have..
difficult days especially as we move furniture around & have carpet installers & repairmen coming in the house in times of covid & variants..
i'm not always coping that great. so i pour my thoughts into my memoirs -
& find new creative projects to work on like the new dollscape i've just begun 'frozen charlotte' (link soon)
we're upgrading to 1 gig since everything we do here now is internet based, it's how vampires interface with humanity now you know.
also i've had a little help here decorating for halloween -

anyone else feel like we're headed for a long winter? ..


#rowsofneveropeneddoors #ghostgallery #art #dollscape #innerchild #moon #arttherapy #infj #psychology #toys #goth #vampire #ghost

meet frozen charlotte, she woke up for the occasion -
i included my poem in this one, & also now you can use the caption links below each pic to see closeups of the original images..
sound up!

ghost/bren & toxic


#infj #fullmoon #moon #psychology #ibs #anxiety #ocd #mentalhealth #toys #mbti #antifashion #introvert #vintage #pennydreadful

we've had wonderful rainy cool days here in portland :D although i had a rough time last night with the full moon messing with me & my insides, pain, nausea, anxiety..
but i'm happy anyway because the new carpet in my bedroom is great & i've been putting away all my clothes & toys.. lol i love my room :)
ran across this on pinterest & it is remarkable because i've commented here about how i relate to miss ives & all the #disasterdinnerparty events on twitter i've attended as her.. so validating when you're an oddball #infj & have these things somewhat understood by others finally:

btw they left out an 'of'.. sorry ocd, i know. these things bother me.. lols

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