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~ randall jarrell

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April 29, 2008


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yesterday was my luckiest of lucky days i must say (to quote ed grimley..)first toxic got free gumby comics for gumbyland!! then buttonbunny accidentally sent me 2 sets of kool elliott smith buttons instead of one at no extra charge! (one to wear, one to put away like a proper collector..) then a bunch of pretty western tanagers froliced in the fir tree right outside my livingroom window, allowing me to take their picture!
we tried an old fashioned pizza place here that's been around since 1965 (a very good year, i might add) and it was very good! the place was dark and full to the ceiling with every kind of vintage toy pedal car, ice cream/pop ads, a stuffed grizzley bear, and there was a bizarre carnival funhouse mirror too.. toxic likes! :)
then Guess! GUESS what happened? i was watching an item on ebay that i've been be-snip-ed on twice/thrice before? the tower exclusive series one version of american mcgee's alice (the one with the black/goth makeup & dress, glow-in-the-dark cheshire cat & much more blood spatters!!) and i SNAGGED i!t
(third x a charm?)
i was so happy & hyper i kept spazzing out, but although i went to bed very late, i slept! ;z

happy ghost & toxic
(get it when ya can..)


what a beautiful day..
i feel happy today.
remarkable, huh?

((where is ghost and what have you done with her!>?))

yeah it is me.. :)


well, i'm still a happy ghost because i found a site with a bunch of vintage halloween vinyl and downloaded great sounds & songs.. but my hands are shaking and my eyes feel all funny.. hearing feels tinny & odd too.. woke up with a migraine starting..
i wish my goth alice would arrive.. dusting off a place of honor on my bookshelves for her..


no man is happy without a delusion of some kind.. delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.
-christian nestell bovee


i'm depressed again.
photo/phono sensitive.


hey ghost....sorry your migraine took away your high....and now feeling depressed.....your a top ebayer like me, with 100%...A*** to you....haha...take care and speak soon....thumper...
just adding, sleepflower, great blog....havent watched rumblefish for years....must find it...X


oh dear, just looked at the A star thing....looks like a swear word...its not...haha...wont put that again....!!!! must learn to use preview first....but hey not going to remember that as keep forgetting to go to A/D site....!!! least it made me laugh....X


over here at the ghost blog it gets pretty uncensored so it's all good! :)

yeah, i've been on ebay forever.. used to deal in vintage toys.. but i don't run many auctions these days..

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