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March 10, 2008


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swap god for a janitor
rot in a jar of dog paws.

rats live on no evil star!



oh god.. left hand one finger typing..
i FeLL down the staircase!!!


bashed my arm royally on the wrought iron railing there for oursafety.. hahaha..

pain! i'm on ice now and chair rest.. being very careful..

don't think anything's broken.. but bruised & bleeding un der the skin..

see.. noboddy lovesme that's always why these things happen.


p.s. i'm not just a spaz it's carpeted & i slid in my sox..


a day in the retarded life of the lefthand.. fun night - keeping arm elevated/on ice.. fight w/ bdhp.. anything that happens w/ me medically is turned into nothing.. i hate him. still swelling.. bath was a riot. pretty tourqoise bruises now..

i finally had to just stop caring and escape in sleep. should've probably seen the dr rright off? but in bdhp's medical opinion i Could still mve my arm, so..
what's a little more pain anyway..


aw, man.
being a chicken sux.
my arm hurts.. still.
now it's green & yellow with purple spots..
carrying it around like a broken wing, can't do much. worried 'cause everyone says you can't always tell if there's like a hairline fracture..
sore all over from the fall.
hubby offered to take me to urgent care for xray but i couldn't deal with drs/nurses and si words/scars cut into my arms.. :(
it'll have to fix itself?
see.. nobody loves me.


it aches.
ithink maybe it is broked.


definitely wearing green.


fucking up again..
the music box is temporary again.

one week now and my arm still aches. too phobic to see a dr.. they're evil you know.
my bones vs. wrought iron.. how stupid am i?
man, life's such a bitch..
that's definitely the last time i skateboard down the stairwell..


i'm a happy ghost today!

after a week of carrying around my arm like a broken wing i finally got brave last evening and went into a walk-in care center to let someone look at it.. i swear the pa's name was 'dr friendly' !

and i am so relieved now, because he did some little tests for strength and mobility and said my arm is where he would expect after one week and healing ok.. no xray, just go back to more ice and pain pills since he said there's still hard swelling in there, and he explained that all the weird cold sensations i keep getting are due to pinched nerves so now i just don't have to worry that as i start using it i'll do worse damage or something.

worrying is always my worst enemy, not pain!

and i wore an armwarmer on my other arm and the nurse worked around it so my scars were never an issue.. (whew!)
funny, she had to take my temp 2x, saying i must've been drinking a cold soda or something just before? but no, it was just my hypothermic self.. she also said my heartbeat/pulse was very light and hard to hear..
(hehe.. she doesn't know that i am a ghost..)

toxic is all excited because we got pirates of the caribbean toys from mcd's!!!!


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