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February 22, 2007


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my bite is much worse than my bark


Isn't today the 22nd? So that is today then. Well, I can't make out the picture but It looks bad as hell. I saw what you wrote at the other site. I know you are going down. I wonder how much of that is because I'm never around and you need someone to talk to? What is that a picture of? What am I looking at? How have your hurt yourself? That one looks deep ghost. You are really fucking around today. You forget that I have AD. You don't expect me to ever melt down. Fine. Your melt down trumps mine. Talk to me. Come back here and talk to me. I am your friend. Like fucking cell mates. We are friends.


I'm sorry ghost. I was out of line. I just felt so bad too and acted like an aaasssshhoolllee. I hope you are ok and my crap has not made you feel worse.


hey china doll..
thanks for the flowers..


Hey Ghost...I'm leaving this as a comment bc I am too dumb to figure out if I can send you a message on this page. How are you?? I really hope that you're doing good. I don't know much about attachment disorder but it's cool that you know what you're fighting. I really hope that si isn't in your life anymore. It's still in mine, in various ways, but not much I can do there I guess. Right now I'm just trying to get used to the various cocktail of meds that I take each day. Sometimes I get brilliant ideas and decide not to take them. At least they keep the man in my head far away, though I do miss him sometimes. What have you been up to?? Any new art or fun gumby toys? I bought a cool Jack Skellington (sp?) and he hangs out in my room. i've got a new therapist who i seem to like though I'm sure she'll get sick of me. Not much else new for me. I really really hope your good and that I hear from you soon. If there's a better way to message you let me know - I'm a total spaz. Well, I'm off to the land of xanax and dreams...much luv, Tracy


hey! this is indeed the right place as this is my real haunt nowadays.. i'm afraid i only set up a myspace as a placeholder to talk to my myspace friends.. sorry i haven't been over to see what you're up to in a bit.. i've been working on big gumby business.. some guy in ny wants every new episode and it seems i'm the only one who has them.. it's taking me forever to make dvds for this guy but he offers $$$!
yeah, i'm still up to the si stuff.. but i'm just not in the bad self-destructive place i was back when we used to hang out at safehaven.. sober. now that my heart's not good.. (although it's gotten better since i gained back 'healthy' weight.. ug.)oh well.. i am 40 now.. gotta grow up and be old? but they say 40 is the new 20..
be careful with the meds.. and with the therapist too.. i'm getting really mistrustful of the so-called pros.. (like that's something new?)
as leery as i am about meds now, i still remember how completely blissed out and gone i was at times in my xanax/clonopin years.. like all was right with the whole wide world.. my head was stuck in a rainbow half the time and my brain felt like melting orange sherbet, in between crashing into long periods of unconsciousness of course..
as far as art.. the thing i'm into right now is my design above for the 'sweet addy' elliott smith fan forum t-shirt.. hope it gets picked.. it seems i'm the one to beat.. that would make me very happy.
each charm is a significant metaphor or symbol from mr smith's lyrics.. right down to the little ghost..
(which is my way of signing the piece..)
hey, kiss luna for me!
be a good carebear to yourself..
and come around anytime..


Hey good to hear from you. I figured i'd say hi. i'm feeling pretty bad right now. i can't stop thinking about si and really hurting myself. it's not like i'd want to off myself, just hurt really bad. i feel so nervous and all the meds give me the shakes and it just takes more and more xanax to make it through the day. i'm sorry to be so down. it's awesome that you can make some $ on the gumby stuff. very cool. i haven't done much art lately though i did write a new poem. i love the pictures of your kitties - they make me smile. my kitty is curled up in front of the fire place, baking in the heat. i love her so much. god, i feel so nervous. like right before a big test when you have that huge pit right in your stomach. and oh the weight issue. i can def sympathize with you. i'm trying to eat healthier bc i passed out and i do hate myself with each bite. is it cold in oregon? it's quite chilly in ny. i bet it's pretty out there in the winter. ok, this is long. i'm sorry to ramble. take care of yourself lots....i love your page btw...Tracy (i am a machine, no longer living, just a shell of what I dream - 30 seconds to mars)


hey tracy..
don't worry about long posts.. i post some reeeaaaalllly long ones here sometimes.. and when space runs low i just add a new thread and start the comments
i can relate about the si thoughts.. it has only been like a week since i cut.. and i tried to keep it under control.. but it calmed me for like into the next day.. maybe 'cause i don't do it as often anymore?
and the food..
i can relate with the fainting.. that's why i had to change my ways too..
i ended up taking more and more xanax myself.. and i have to tell you i did my worst si while on it.. we moved out of that apartment and i swear when i went to clean it there was blood spattered everywhere in places i had no idea... oh god!
maybe you ought to be on a different tranquilizer? the klonopin was definitely better, but has bad withdrawl if you go off suddenly (insomnia..)
you could ask your therapist/dr?
my kitties are sunbathing since we've had some sun after like 25 days of rain straight.. that's portland..
rain rain rain rain & rain.
write to me anytime you want or need to, ok?
be careful too 'cause there's alot of triggering si/suicide/alcohol/ed art linked to my blog..
love to hear the new poem!

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