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December 11, 2006


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em.. you gotta try and sneak a listen to the new xmas mix... :)


Ho ho...

The first tune I heard was "we are santa's elves" Its a jolly silly mix. I like it :)

Hey is that your poem? That's sweet!

I have been thinking of a website of my own. It's just a time thing, but I do like the idea. I'll think about it.

How are you doing? How is your head and your throat?


you should, em..
you could make a rockin' earthsci page:)

wonder why it played santa's elves? supposed to be welcome xmas first..? like the poem..

well, the headache waxes and wanes.. and the throat is unchanged so i'm in the fear and avoidance phase now.. :(

i'm feeling relieved alot though by my recent wave of detachment.. like for once i'm glad i don't have to deal with that pain.. i for once have a choice..
yeah, i'm still lonely.. but not desperate.. and i am so glad i left certain situations behind me.. i'm so done with the lies..
how're you faring?


Me? I'm alright. Thinking about becoming a dentist. Otherwise doing the usual...trying to find someone to be independent with...


hehe.. independent with? ..
man, i'm having a hard time locating my sister this year.. last address i have is for this 'sober living' house in la.. but that was in august.. she gets kicked out of places alot.. and i can't seem to get a phone #.. my xmas care box is all she gets.. so i gotta find her.
she's a true lost soul..


still can't find her..
the humans are so fucking useless.. in case no one heard the crash as usual i'll just record it here.. too many days of migraine pain has once again put me all in touch with every fucking wound and scar given to me by the humans and i do n o t forgive..
knew hope wouldn't make it till xmas..
a snowball in hell has no chance..


Hey Ghost,
I am sorry you cannot find your sister. Any chance that she will contact you?

By the way, I did my Lex Luthor lesson and they told me I was poitically incorrect. I am so proud! Hope you are too.

And, oh yeah, you should make an appointment with me to get your teeth checked.


no chance i'm afraid.. she's completely out of it..
why was the lex luthor lesson not pc?

hey hermie.. do you think i've forgotten that whole episode with pulling out all the abominable's teeth?
maybe you blocked that out?

p.s. i've got sally singing island of misfit toys in the mix at #2!


We got a Ghost card in the mail today!!!! Thank you Ghost :) Shane was shocked - as if you are some kind of cyber character who crossed over and sent a christmas card. It was great.

God, I keep forgetting about abominables teeth. Just trying to block out memories too horrible to deal with I guess.

The title of my Lex Luthor lesson was "A page out of Lex Luthors guide to getting rich. How to pretty much destroy the plant (except the property we own) and get filthy rich in the process." Long title. Anyway, we are not supposed to teach them how to destroy the planet to get rich. Except if they go to work for like, lets say, Exxon, Honeywell, GE, etc and so on, they will help to pretty much destroy the planet while getting rich. The lesson rocked no matter what they say (and they did say it was really cool, just evil :)

I can hear Paul in the kitchen working on one of his lessons and I keep hearing clips of Led Zeppelin. We are having a lot of fun with powerpoint around here!

How are you feeling? Any better than the other day?

It really was fantastic getting that card from you :) Kitties of course! (and a little mouse stirring...) Thanks Ghost.


ur welcome!
kinda scary that i'm real, huh? invisible though..
i finally had to just send out my sister's xmax box and hope for the best.. at least i had an address from august.. many years i had no clue where she was..
my dr left a message checking up on me.. eeeeeek!
so monday a.m. i guess i gotta call and deal with the mystery lump on my tonsil.. i don't want them to put me out 'cause of my low bp & weak heart.. fraid i will not awaken! but that wouldn't be too too bad really..
but the thought of being awake as they try to use a sharp instrument in the very back of my throat making me gag doesn't sound too good either..
i'm just my usual sad self today.. not in a killin' mood or anything..

john loves power point.. he did my 'just visiting' slideshow at the top of the cool links page & i loved it.. so goth and i got grave mud on my coat and everything.. :)
i got to truly haunt that old cemetery..
i wrapped dan's present and bought treats for the kitty stocking so xmas is basically done early? it's snowing/hailing out..


Did you call the Dr? What happened? Ugh. Your choices are not very appealing :(

I'm glad you sent out the package to your sister. Let's hope it somehow finds her.

Shane wants to know what the best "race" is in O. He is leaning towards dark umm...oh I am forgetting...dark elf?

Been having fun listening to your tunes. Could not access some of the links you added (the ES ones) probably a problem on my end.


well, those old vinyls would probably only really appeal to other smith obsessees anyway.. it was like a xmas present to the people over at & sweet addy/fansites.. i know what it means to find another smith rare! it makes my day/week/month...
since there aint gonna be anymore, you know?

my dr called me and is going to refer me to an ENT so i just sit & wait.. hope it's after the holidays..

what race?
oh it's alot of fun to pick.. i played a khajit in the old elder scrolls marrowind game (oblivion's predecessor) a talking cat person.. and i was tempted to do that once again.. i also tried on a dark elf.. dan chose an imperial.. and is now replaying as an argonian (water breathing lizard person) but i decided on a breton since it's more like what i actually look like & i get natural magic ability.. i turned out to be an agent just naturally so i picked that.. my sign is the shadow..
he'll spend like the whole first day just setting up his character i'll bet.. there are a bunch of ways to alter your appearance to make it resemble yourself.. really advanced technology! but beware! one weird note: make your head kinda large or it ends up looking out of proportion.. especially for a female character.. and if you become a vampire it reverts your eyes back to real tiny which i hate.. 'cause my character has big eyes..
the weirdest thing is the distorted gravity.. you drop a paintbrush and it makes a huge thump and bashes down on the table.. if you have any ocd tendencies as i & dan have, it'll drive you nuts trying to set things down neatly.. stuff gets knocked down all the time..


HI this is emma's son shane. I am the one who got the game and is asking the questions. I was hoping you would help me decide on a race that would be the best for what I want to be. I would like to be a swords man with LOTS of magic. I was thinking about being one of the following, Dark Elf, Red Guard, or possible an Orc or Nord. I can't really decide and thought you would know wich is best. THANKS

MERLIN (shane)


hey shane/merlin!
my son daniel is the real expert and says dark elf is the best at being a 'spellsword' which sounds like what you're after.. they're good with blades, destruction magic, but have a good balance between the two.. their weakness is fire, which is not too bad.. i have that same weakness as a vampyre, and it hasn't bothered me..
if you wanted to be more physical/strength you'd go with the red guard choice.. but you sound like a dark elf to me..
(i almost chose this myself!)
as a dark elf it's best to choose a 'custom' class so you can add even more magic skills if that's what you like.. plus it's a good idea to add 'blade' & 'destruction' as 2 of your major skills..

orcs are too weak against magic and better with axes..
nords too.. heavily physical..

as your sign you can choose 'mage' or 'warrior' ..just to give you an additional boost either towards magic or strength/endurance..

just a last note: i have made my character what it is through the art of stealth.. sometimes being able to sneak up and defeat an enemy is even better than brute strength.. and they never hear me coming!!

have much much fun, shane!


Merlin here
thanks I'll do the Dark elf/custom/mage as my character. Also I was wondering what happens when you enchant a wepon. Like if I enchanted my sword would it have extra or fire/shock/frost damage?? Thanks again


Anon Omus

Another rip


anonymous benefactor.. THANK YOU!
man, those are much cleaner.. my xmas present!!
i can hear the lyrics much better and make needed adjustments in my 'from a poison well' es/lyrics page.. thanks thanks!!

in order to enchant your weapons you will first need to either work your way up as a mage to gain access to the 'arcane university' where you can use their alters to enchant weapons/clothing/jewelry with almost any power like raising your attributes or causing elemental damage like fire/ice/shocking, etc..
or the easiest way would be to hook your modem up to xbox live and buy frostcrag spire (the wizard's tower update.. i think it's less than $10) and you get an empty wizard's castle that you can furnish once you have the gold.. you will need special magetallow candles to use your own alter there..
hope this helps..


oh merlin!! an important note! until you purchase crates & barrels to store your stuff in like at frostcrag.. be very careful where you leave your items or they will just disappear.. try the trunk/chest at the weynon priory once jauffre unlocks it for you.. it is safe!

p.s. good news.. correction: in the old game (marrowind) dark elves had fire weakness. in oblivion they have fire resistance! good, huh?


Hey Ghost,
Thanks for responding to "merlin". He was so excited every time he saw me the first thing out of his mouth would be "did ghost reply?" Geez. Hope he doesn't keep it up once he starts playing.

How's it going? I finished for the semester!!! Yay!!
Except tomorrow I have to observe for one more day. And then Sat I have to work for a few hours. So I basically have this afternoon, sat afternoon and Christmas Eve to do everything Christmas. Ah, well... that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it (uh huh, uh huh).

Are you cooking anything special? I'm looking for ideas :)


happy vacationing, emma! even if it is chugging to a start.. bdhp only has xmas eve/day off this year.. unlike years past.. so we're just having a repeat of tday.. (we all require more pumpkin pie)& planning on the 3 of us watching 'I Claudius' on dvd.. we found a deal on it and bought it finally.. all that wickedness of rome over xmas..? well, last year it was eraserhead.. that's us..:)
did merlin already get his xbox early? part of the joy of the game is that it will take quite awhile just getting started.. just orienting himself.. i hope he loves it!
i'm mixing up the mix so i can hear 'the grinch' song..
congrats, em!!!


p.s. em i just pm'd you at the board!!!!!


Oh, I want to watch I Claudius too! That's a good idea. Last Christmas day I starting reading "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" So I am just as bad :)

Merlin has to wait to get xbox because its all he's getting! As I write I am listening to Grinch :)

Last night I saw Rudolph and saw that the producers were Rankin/Bass, but that was not what you told me to watch was it? There was something else that you said was going to be on but I can't remember what.

Got your message. Thanks! He seems to be getting into this. He's been carefully reading the book that came with the game and, of course, quizzing you.

Man, I truly hated when I only got off for a day or two at Christmas. Once, I was sitting down to Christmas dinner and someone from the plant called to talk about a problem. I was so pissed I almost cried!

Did my first lesson in front of a real high school class today and they were positively neutral about me. I think I'd rather they hate me! went ok really. Just bruise my ego a bit. I thought my lesson was SOOOOOOOO great :)

I think I'm going to walk over to the video store and see if he has I Claudius.


em.. highschoolers? & they were quiet? that's good, man! at that age you're lucky they're not like drilling a hole in the wall or talking to each other like you're not even there! if you had their attention and they were quiet.. i'd take that as a good thing..:)

stupid i claudius has not arrived yet.. i got it on amazon.. sometimes they're super fast.. sometimes too slow..

also: isn't it great how they actually read the game guides? it's not exactly shakespeare but with dan i always thought.. hey, at least he's reading..

oh that rankin/bass show i mentioned.. 'the daydreamer'.. they won't show it on tv.. too edgy!! they used to decades ago.. i had to buy it..
but they're showing all the others like 'a year without santa claus' & our favorite 'the life & adventures of santa claus' the l. frank baum version!

oh oh!
you nauseate me, mr grinch
with a nauseous super naus!
i love that part...


I never did get I Claudius either. Last night we watche Tora!Tora!Tora! a nice Christmasy movie too.

Was supposed to go to a Christmas party last night but instead, we unplugged the phone and watched the movie. Oops, just realized the phone is still unplugged :) I'm gonna here shit for not going, but man, it's just a party full of upscale suburbanites, gagg, choke, ack! Pfft! Tora!Tora!Tora!

Maybe I am just a nitwit :)

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