> vintage recipes for children

deliciously classic or wonderfully gross, these vintage recipes for kids from the golden magazine for boys & girls or jack & jill magazine are fun even if they don't make it to your table..
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let's eat outside
let's make latkes
love burgers
ludwig von drake animal pancakes
lunch-box specials
maple month
march recipes
may recipes
miscellaneous recipes
mod franks
mother's day dinner
mulligan stew
mulligan stew
new england hearty
new england hearty
nice for november
november recipes
october recipes
off to a good start
outdoor bbq
oven-fried drumsticks
owl cut-up cake
pack a ski lunch
pare a pear
peaches are ripe
perfect pizzas
perfect pizzas continued
pick up a picnic
pilgrim party
plum pudding
potato salad
pumpkin face cake
quick & easy recipes
santa's boot
say it with cookies
september lunch
silver dollar pancakes
simple simon deviled eggs
sloppy joes
sloppy josie
snow party
snow party 2
spaceship rations
spring cakes for easter
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