> vintage recipes for children

deliciously classic or wonderfully gross, these vintage recipes for kids from the golden magazine for boys & girls or jack & jill magazine are fun even if they don't make it to your table..
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drum cake
easter baskets
easter egg chicks
easter treats
egg parade
egg salad sandwich
eggs for easter
february party time
february recipes
fiesta of fruits
fireside cooking
fishsticks & barbeque sauce
flying saucer picnic
for luncheon with love
french toast
from milk to cheese
fruit salad sundae
funny bunny cake
gay fall recipes
gingerbread boys
glorifried chicken
good & hot
good things to eat
goodies for ghosts & goblins
halloween colors
halloween party treats
halloween recipes
heart cake
holiday cooking fun
holiday eggnog
holiday luncheon recipes
holiday party
holiday pies
holiday recipes
holiday recipes
hot fudge pudding
hot spiced tang
hungry hunter recipes
irish baked potatoes
italian cooking fun
italian pizza
january recipes
jolly breakfast ring
jolly christmas cookies
june recipes
king tut party
kitchen magic from izbushka
kookie kat sundaes
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