> vintage recipes for children

deliciously classic or wonderfully gross, these vintage recipes for kids from the golden magazine for boys & girls or jack & jill magazine are fun even if they don't make it to your table..
~ copyright 2012 all rights reserved

a month of sundaes
a patio picnic
a patio picnic 2
after school snacks
all aboard special
apple charlotte
apple juice punch
april recipes
are you a cooking camper
are you a cooking camper 2
bake your cake & eat it too
beaver houses
blend a beverage
bread basket
breakfast cheer
bugle quick lunch
bunny salad
butterfly salad
cake of the states
casserole cookery
cereal santa
cereal surprises
cheery cherries
cheese dreams
cheese for a chilly day
cheese for a chilly day
cheese souffle supreme
chicken in a basket
chili concoction
chocolate fudge
chocolate soda
chocolate-caramel apples
chop soupy
christmas bell cupcakes
christmas cookies
christmas goodies
christmas sweetmeats
christmas table decorations
cider punch
circus parade cake
clown cupcakes
coconut for thanksgiving
come in from the cold
cooking terms
cool cool coolers for hot days
cool cool coolers for hot days 2
cool recipes for hot days
corn bread
december delicious