> toxic tricks & treats

pages from toxic's own autobiography & schoolwork..

toxic tricks & treats
i like cats
dear mom
report cards ~ grade 1 (my handwriting never really improved.. lol.)
report cards ~ grade 2
poems ~ at night
drawings ~ nighttime
poems ~ my bird named pete
poems ~ one day at the stables
poems ~ all my cats
a spooky story
a mouse with big tennis shoes
baby fangs
toxic ~ typical day (from toxic's autobiography)
typical night
interesting experiences
toxic tea party
thing from mars
creepy club
middle child woes..
toxic school papers
evil weevil
african wang fang
new school..
dear friendly emu continued..
my favorite place
bishop creek
elementary school report card
jr high
art ~ assignment x
jr high
school paper
toxic forgery fun
psych class dream log
psych 101
psych 101
psat ~ toxic actually got the second highest math score at wilson high on this psat test..
highschool report cards & forgeries
high school chemistry doodle
highschool ~ stones '81
a note from toxic
ghost & toxic