> things behind the sun

various journal entries from over the years, including dreams, migraines, cats & toxic pages (all mixed up in no particular order) when photo albums make life look a little too perfect, journal pages provide a more realistic counterpoint..
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food log
snowglobe tea party
fable stats
bucephala albeola
ghost phobias
don't look for me because i'm not anywhere..
tree dream
salem old giant
scratches in the dark
the thoughts of boopy lou
wicked annabella
oh noes! (mr nose/lord british)
lilah & deedee
boy buried alive
2-headed baby (& baby with only 1 hed)
rest area
toxic pages ~ girl scouts
toxic pages ~ troup 666
toxic pages ~ girl scouts
toxic pages ~ trees, stars & birds
toxic pages ~ gear
toxic pages ~ toxic badges
toxic pages ~ badges
toxic pages ~ badges
toxic pages ~ badges
toxic pages ~ observer
toxic pages ~ bosco
generic children's favorites
too much to dream last night..
no fun in the sun..
4th of july
migraine dulcinea
rapture of the deep
rotten apple
hospital corners
the beautiful people
she's out of the box
it's a sad and beautiful world
9 lives
kill rock stars
help, jimmy help!!
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