> things behind the sun

various journal entries from over the years, including dreams, migraines, cats & toxic pages (all mixed up in no particular order) when photo albums make life look a little too perfect, journal pages provide a more realistic counterpoint. (with links to close-ups)
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tox6 kitties
oh noes
tox6 kitties
13 more days till halloween
the poor sinner ~ pray for me
the devil may
toxic things
feral cats
a bat is born
victorian divination games
caterpillar dream
halloween pudding
moon facts
ave maria
tox6 kitties
toxic myspace
toxic myspace
toxic haunts
toxic wrinkle in time (just a ghost emotionally on hold)
migraine raven / the trees are screaming
rainy days
good or evil?
tox6 kitties
graves in the forest
song for the dead
power failure
toxic star chart
i looove my babies
we must find the sea of serenity and wait there ~ until help comes..
wicked wind
spell for love
cut that crap out!
black dirt
when i sit anywhere but in my solitude, i sit in exile, i sit in fakeland..
migraine sylvia
the world shrills, and i see..
vampire dreams
defiance against mindfuckery (we're not all the same)
how everything went terribly wrong..
it's a wonderful life
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