> things behind the sun

various journal entries from over the years, including dreams, migraines, cats & toxic pages (all mixed up in no particular order) when photo albums make life look a little too perfect, journal pages provide a more realistic counterpoint. (with links to close-ups)
~ copyright 2012 all rights reserved

the sun
the trees told me ~
you're ready now for the harvest breed..
blood wine
blood medicine
the wolf
dance you fucker
what's w?rong (memorable migraines)
grotto tangle
a ghost asleep
moons & migraines
scintillating scotoma
chloroform liniment
circle of life
toxic kitty tea party
creepy susie & helga phugly
helga's revenge
the debbies
off with their heads
the end
a real ghost
migraine ophelia
boo berry
chocolate chip kitty
lilah & lilac house swatches
grandma ruby
full of bourbon
black cottonwood
wash away sins
shanghai'd (by cookie monster)
freakies tree
trapped on the moon
blood moon
tox6 kitties
poor old tabby
users are losers
drink me
bad omens
tox6 kitties
the dead travel fast
this is bat country
13 o'clock