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a ghost.. a real ghost.. has no need to die.. what is she except a being without access to the universe that she has not yet managed to forget? ~ randall jarrell
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  • these are excerpts from the book toxic & i wrote about our childhood... it's called 'brenda was here'.. let me know what you think/comments? p.s. stories here are non fiction/true. (privately hosted ~ if you're interested in reading this just ask:)
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ka-bala game

Bren bw x

first of all happy halloween everyone! may your day & night be filled with ghoulish delight! ~

Kabala game transogram 1

for this special day a special game from the vintage 60's ~

Kabala game transogram 21

ka-bala the mysterious game that foretells the future! ~

Kabala game transogram 2

forget that old 8 ball, this thing does it all & it even glows in the dark ~

Kabala game transogram 3

made by transogram the folks who gave us green ghost which i posted up last halloween ~

Kabala game transogram

in the box ~

Kabala game transogram x

$3.88! ~

Kabala game transogram 8

the board is round underneath & players place their hands on either side planchette style ~

Kabala game transogram 7

players then ask questions & receive answers through the cards, the signs & the mystic glowing eye of zohar! ~

Kabala game transogram 9

if it all sounds a little ouija-esque, it is! in fact i was fortunate enough to buy this vintage game in its box unused from a priest who was selling it as part of an effort to raise money for unwed moms & hungry kids, so i even had him say a blessing over it as he packed it for post so i'd feel safe with it in my toyroom! lol.. ~

Kabala game transogram 11

instructions, cards & accessories ~

Kabala game transogram 12

assembly for the eye of zohar ~

Kabala game transogram 20

my sister got this game one xmas long ago & i've always wanted to get it again, so this is a true lost & found item ~

Kabala game transogram 19

the cards are still unseparated ~

Kabala game transogram 17

much like standard tarot cards ~

Kabala game transogram 18

the cards are placed in the spaces provided around the board ~

Kabala game transogram 10

original instructions ~

Kabala game transogram 13

players chant 'pax, sax, sarax, hola, noa nostra' ~

Kabala game transogram 14

the dark marble rolls around the board & indicates letters & responses yes & no as the eye of zohar guides its movement ~

Kabala game transogram 22

is ka-bala a cool vintage game? ~

Is kabala a cool vintage game

yes! ~

Kabala game transogram 5

from 1967 ~

Kabala game transogram 6

turn off the lights & play if you dare! they just don't make kids' games like they used to ~

Kabala game transogram 4

this ad came included in the game box ~

Kabala game transogram 15

the happy hollisters mystery book ~

Kabala game transogram 16

UPDATE: by special request i have scanned the instructions to a pdf file ~

kabala instruction page

kabala instructions (both sides)







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