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flashback friday favorite ~ eraserhead gumby?!

Gumby drawing desk lakesdie

another fun vintage gumby item today ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 1

the gumby electric drawing desk set from lakeside ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 19

this cool little light up desk is one of my favorite gumby items ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 17

plug it in & there's a 15 watt lightbulb underneath ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 3

& it comes with this packet of tracing sheets to get you started drawing your own gumby adventures ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 4

instructions ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 16

tracing paper & drawing paper, as well as colored pencils & a sharpener are included ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 20

i'm still keeping an eye out for the gumby eraser shown here which is missing from this set (UPDATE! see the end of this post ;) ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside x

picture guide sheets ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 14

superflexible gumby ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 12

his pal pokey ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 15

firefighter scene ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 5

i love this page of moon images from gumby's trapped on the moon adventure ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 6

not unlike some of my own gumby fan art (see right sidebar..) ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 7

the western page includes the original cone-shaped native americans ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 8

more western theme images ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 9

sir gumby in a knight's adventure ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 10

medieval times including dragon ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 11

prevent forest fires (a very timely reminder right now..) ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 13

from 1966 ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 2

lakeside toys ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 18

more gumby all week ~

Gumby drawing desk lakeside 23


Eraserhead gumby lakeside

i was recently able to find the eraserhead gumby that originally came with this drawing desk :) ~

Eraserhead gumby x

he fits on a penciltop ~

Eraserhead gumby vintage

visit gumbyland for much much more like this or click gumby in the category list in the sidebar ~

Eraserhead gumby

this has been a flashback friday favorite post from summer of 2015..





my photo albums (sound up!)
Plague dr
the lost album - click to visit my current photo album (sound up)
visit gumby's childhood home..
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Mini houses
our mini houses (sound up)
Nature trails
our nature trails (sound up)
Baker's tour
baker's tour painting by bren..
Gumby moon
gumby trapped on the moon..
gumby rain spirits by bren..
The snowman
the snowman by bren..
blue star drive-in (toxic toys)
blackbird's outpost dollscape..
Dolly freakshow main
halloween dolly freakshow
floorsleeper/blue house dollscape..
Wild kitty club
girls kick ass
Lilac house
lilac house..
Raven's rest
raven's rest house..
Charlotte house
charlotte house..
Sunset house
sunset house
Innsmouth main
innsmouth house
caution! zombarbies!
box of bees installation..
patchwork playhouse..
xyz dollscape
annie's saturday house..
Toyroom mouse
hiding places installation..
Autumn butterfly
autumn butterfly installation..
doll medicine dollscape (warning graphic content)
monkey lab installation
toxic dollies dollscape
never open your eyes dollscape (warning graphic content)
collidescope dollscape (warning graphic content)
migraine dolls sickroom dollscape
Haunted forest
the haunted forest installation
pandora installation
lost hollow digital art album (warning graphic content)
Lonely trees
january trees photo album
cemeteria photo album
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Butterfly tryals
butterfly trials album
Mr horse
halloween photo album (warning graphic content)
Doll life main
doll life
Little sister
dreamcatcher/dreamkeeper (warning graphic content)
Bad blood
bad blood by bren
Little deaths
little deaths
Closet skeleton
closet skeleton
Doll chest
doll chest
Little miss dx
little miss dx
ghost's halloween house..
Ghost house
in a ghost house..
Rags main
Toxic inner child icon
toxic inner child dollscape
Frozen charlotte
frozen charlotte
November sad lisa
sad lisa
Crying monster main
crying monster
The halloween party oz tricks & treats
halloween party
Gumby's xmas crisis
gumby in christmas crisis (powerpoint show by bren)

ghostgallery coloring book

  • annie
    copyright 2021 ghost art brenda roudebush all rights reserved

mindless art

  • the tingler
    an album of mindless random drawings including vintage television & retro kid shows ~ old vhs tape covers etc..

    ~ copyright 2008 all rights reserved

toxic tv

  • a gumby adventure
    feel free to change the channel..
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friendlyghost gamepage..
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The kitties
the kitties (sound up)

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