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Hi Bren, How are you?! It's been awhile! I've been busy with my mom and was also trying not to hang out in your toy room and bug you too much! HaHa! I DO have a Gumby question again for you though! When you get a chance, can you measure your GTC's and other unmarked ones that look similar to that one when you have time?! With all of the other misinformation out there, I just realized that I bet the measurements are not correct either that I've been obsessing over!!!! :O You have a nice hardback collection of Stephen King books! They're too scary for me to deal with after reading a couple. The movies based off of them were too! Jack Nicholson in the Shining! OMG! Still scares the cr*p out of me! Of course, I still watch it! :D


hey sally, we're all doing good here, finally finished all our recarpeting upstairs & have moved everything back into its place.. not an easy job! my 'altar of eclectica' took days to reassemble.. lol

that said, i honestly can't get to the gtc gumby which is packed away meticulously in my son's childhood toy chest under mini houses.. but if you look in the original gumby bendy post:
scroll down to the pic of the gtc bendy alongside an unmarked vintage bendy & you'll see they're the same height, allowing for a bit of wobble since they're more rubbery.. also at the bottom of that post is paul's lineup of all the old bendies, all look the same height except the first 'shinier' looking one, not sure why he looks a bit taller??

also if you're into obsessing over such things, have you ever seen the legal case papers over the settlement of those early bendies & lakeside?
it's over here:

yeah, i stopped reading stephen king years ago.. lol once he wrote tommyknockers & started including ocd in his story, that freaked me out because ocd things trigger me big time! as you know? ingestion & illness fears, my supersenses, giving me such anxiety during these pandemic times especially! :O

p.s. yes! i love jack in the shining!!!!


Oh wow!; forgot that with recarpeting, you would have to move all of that!:O It looks great! :) No worries about getting to your bendies. I just think so much of the information is not accurate out there about the early bendies, even the news stories and court "facts". I've read that legal case and that's what I base a lot of my questions on. Unless I miraculously did not finally throw out my old bendy after keeping him for so many years and find him, I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out which version I had that got ruined by my nephew tossing him up on the roof. Thought I'd be over my obsession about that, but I guess with my situation with my mom worsening, I need to continue to obsess over it! Jack Nicholson was awesome in that movie! I really like him as an actor. I really liked him in "As Good As It Gets", but it also bothered me too since I have OCD. And "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" sad.....I haven't read any books in so long....I miss them!


sally did you ever see jack in that old 60s film psych out? loved that! yeah i can't bookread the way i use to because of chronic dry eye issues, but i've told my son if i'm ever old & bedridden, someone read me all these books i have unread! (but maybe not the scary ones anymore) lolol.. i love audiobooks & hearing them on headphones now.. lately my obsession is my library inventory, since we've had to move everything around anyway & also to figure out which books i still haven't posted here..


I just looked it up and watched the trailer, since I couldn't remember if I saw it or not! And no, I don't remember seeing it! It looks interesting! I'll have to watch it sometime if I get a chance, especially now that I'm thinking of old vintage clothes! HaHa! I understand the dry eyes! =( It's cool that you're going through your library to see which books you haven't posted here yet! I like your book blog posts. =)

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