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I love this photo from the dollscape and that Dorothy got to come out of her package for Toxic for it! <3 =) I know I said this before, but you're such a great artist, Bren. You're so good at so many forms like photography, drawing, painting, writing, etc. I really enjoy it all!... I was just thinking of the Wizard of Oz, since it's usually on this time of year around Thanksgiving time. I turned the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on for my mom. I looked for Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but didn't see it. It was probably on earlier in the week and we missed it. Grinch usually comes on early too. My mom kept forgetting it was Thanksgiving, but she used to like to watch the parade. I forgot to turn it on in the morning, so she saw the end of it at noon, but it was on again from 2-5. That's when I was able to sneak in a few pie photos. I don't have time for much of anything, since I have to watch her 24/7. I'm so crabby and wore out. She's dozing now. I shouldn't let her sleep in the day, but I'm able to at least check stuff on the computer if I let her, but I'll pay for it later when she gets up all night.


that's so kind of you to say, you know i would go nuts if not for all my creative outlets, it's like i need to express things that way (or toxic does?) :) yeah, i let dorothy out of the package, that's just how i roll. i know proper collectors keep everything mint in pack, but i get so much happiness from enjoying the toys themselves, not just up on a shelf, you know? around this time of year when the wizard of oz comes on we tend to just leave it on, it reminds me when sabrina was alive she use to love for me to hold her by the wall heater & sing her the wizard of oz songs.. well, maybe she just enjoyed the heat? lol hang in there, sally, these times are a struggle for us all in our own ways i think.. i've been sewing lately, made a bunch of new toys! (sad lisa & trickster, sneakysnake, the crying monster, a spider etc) but now i'm all stabbed from poking myself accidentally with the needle.. oh well.. we're puttin on xmas music now!! :D


I forgot about your sewing! that too! =) I love your latest Instagram work that you posted too! <3
And I've let vintage Gumby's out of their package, so you know that I understand! And lots of new Gumby's too! I've been feeling like trying to get some Christmas photos of the new ones taken, but I don't have any backgrounds to use that will work that I like. I don't want the plain wall and the poster boards are too small, the bulletin large paper rolls for teachers I got are too shiny, the material too wrinkled, HaHa! :D I'm maybe going to try some other fabric like fleece. Or larger felt. All of my vintage gumby photo ideas are on the back burner for now, but I did visit your gumby post today that I like and left a comment there. I still am inspired by your photo with the shipping boxes to take one of my own inspired by it, and had gotten some shipping boxes from Todd back then, but they smelled so bad (mold/mildew), that they caused an allergic reaction so that didn't happen yet! HaHa! :D Hopefully I will squeeze in a few photos, but there is not much time. I want to put up a tree here at my mom's, but not sure when that will happen!


I keep getting interrupted by my mom, so my thoughts are all over!........I also needed more carded Gumby's and Pokey's to go with the shipping boxes, but I don't have as many as I would like right now and I wanted them all to be the same version and match each other (My OCD HaHa!).


i'm a terrible seamstress.. lol, but i don't let that stop me when i have some creative idea i need to express.. do you sew?


No, I wish I knew how! I have a brand new sewing machine in the box that my mom got for me years ago that I've never had time to try to learn on or take lessons! :(
I've attempted hand sewing a few times, but don't know the proper technique and stitches, etc.


i also have a sewing machine, tucked away somewhere in the garage, but not ever worth setting up just for my little dolls or kitty toys which i just stitch together by hand.. not actually crazy about sewing, it's just a means to an end, you know..


Yes, I know. =)

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