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I tried to reach you on Instagram and thought I'd come see what the toy/book was for today! BUT now I feel like I need to go listen to some old music on youtube!... Except I'm at my mom's and don't have a headphone to use for this laptop!=( HaHa! =).....I hope you're doing well, Bren! =)


hey sally,
ok i found your insta message, i think insta is designed for phones because on laptop i have trouble seeing what's there message-wise & i can't even scroll down to see comments either :/ we've been busy trying to get recarpeting & home repairs done that we put off.. it's hard to believe cds are oldschool now? i posted old vinyl for years but thought i'd start doing cd sundays too.. we love our old classic rock..
yeah i was more into all the old gumby bendy info 10 years ago than i am now, i've always considered paul the expert, ATA knows plenty, i've always felt like i have all the gumby love but am still no expert.. lol it sounds like you probably know as much as i do now about those old bendies..
keep well & stay safe :)


Hi Bren, Yes, I have trouble with it too, because you're right, it's for phone use and hard to post photos or read comments from a computer. I thought it might be a good way to reach you besides on here, but maybe you don't want to be bugged there by me too HaHa! Anyway, I know my unanswered questions are overwhelming at times and why drive others crazy too like I drive myself crazy? Sorry about that! And there isn't a lot of information on the old bendies available anywhere anyway, so I guess it is what it is and maybe most of that old info. is lost and we just have to guess about a lot of it, which was frustrating at times for me and still is sometimes too! HaHa! Anyway, if you ever want to reach me, you have my email! =) I hope your recarpeting and home repairs are going smoothly. You take care and stay safe too! =)


hey sally!!
i just got your bookmarks! :D
with the prema bendy <3 thank you so much!!!
can i add them to my gumby collection page? would that be alright? i'd love to add them to a post here too, i was just posting a book about all the old authors & RIF, remember Reading is Fundamental? & i was thinking how at one point gumby was a spokesperson for the national reading program many years ago.. i'll have to go look that up.. i like to focus on reading, books & school stuff for september.. i could kick it off on the 1st with gumby! :D

yeah, i have insta to keep in touch with several people, my nieces down in socal, & a few others, but i have to bring out a tablet i hardly ever use to post some art pix every once in awhile, & then i discover messages/comments i never got on my laptop! they want us all using mobile phones.. don't worry about all the bendy details it'll drive you nuts, even joe didn't seem to have all the info back in the day.. lol
our home repairs are happening, but just dragging out way too long, everything takes so long to schedule, then i stress out about people coming in the house. fortunately they wear masks, but i'm still super careful, you know..
sally i may be a weird reclusive cliche toy collector with no phone (lol) but i have always been able to see any comment here or at my other blog, just so you know! & if you are ever looking to listen to old music feel free to come over to my photo & art albums, on pc or laptop the music plays (phones steal it away!) & i've added tons of good music to them all, including oldies mixes that we just love here.. there's a bunch here:
the nature trails have newer music, but down in my photo albums link there are some with toxic's choices.. i'm enjoying my own nature albums nowadays as i'm staying home so much, it's like virtual nature detox/therapy :)
& thank you again, you are always so thoughtful!
p.s. i wrote a poem yesterday & left it in the comments here at my other blog, it's like a 'key' to my gallery.. (shamelessly radiohead inspired) (i'm a helpless radiohead-head! lol)


Hi Bren, Thanks for the response here! First off, I love that poem! And yes, you can add the Gumby bookmarks to your collection page and a post if you want to. I'm glad you like them. If you want more to save, I can send some more next time I make and order some. They were easy and inexpensive to make and also to send too. It satisfied my need to make some gifts for a bit. I want to make more, but with the new ones (Gumby and Pokey, etc.), but haven't done it yet. My mom takes up my time. I had that Gumby out from storage where I put him after I got him which is where unfortunately most of my Gumby stuff and photo props are at to take and send a pic to Russel and then wanted to take a pic for my bookmark idea I had for the one that I titled "He Can Walk Into Any Book...." and had an old book here at my mom's. The colors aren't right, but can't do any editing or anything here, so designed online and ordered any way. The other was the older pic with the candy canes. I feel bad that you haven't found one of those yet and thought afterwards that maybe people that don't have one, but want one, may feel bad seeing it on a bookmark that I made if that makes sense. Like Russel for example. I know he wants one for his videos and other projects. I didn't send him bookmarks since I don't have his address, so sent photos. People are private and don't want to give out personal info., which is understandable. If you want to post about it on here and add to your collection, that's fine with me and thanks for asking. =) Anyway, I'm writing too much as usual! HaHa! I hope all is well with you!


hey sally,
glad to hear from you & hope you & your mom are doing well, you're not writing too much! thanks for letting me include the bookmarks up at gumbyland, just know i always try to photo things like that at a bit of an angle so the image can't be easily stolen, you know..
i posted some of my own bookmarks to start off september, but saved out some for another post, i'll include yours there too :D
i mentioned somewhere on another comment how impressive that is that your mom had her 100th bday? i wonder if she remembers a favorite toy or book from her childhood?
it doesn't bother me at all about your prema bendy, i'm so easy to please, man! i vicariously enjoy gumby things other people find, & i always know if i'm missing something it's just leaving something else out there for me to discover someday..
i'm glad you like my poem, i thought it might be a little too 'inside radiohead' for many? lol, i'm typing this from my downstairs playroom tonight where i'm surrounded by radiohead posters on the walls (my room's being repaired/recarpeted so i'm camping out down here!) i used it in my latest dollscape here:
(it's a dollscape with a little doll i made.. i'm already in my halloween mood :)
keep safe!


Hi Bren, I didn't know you posted about bookmarks until just seeing your comment, so I had to go look! Your bookmarks are awesome!!!! Why didn't I know you made bookmarks?! Have I seen any before?! I don't think I've seen a post about any before here, but I wasn't looking for bookmarks, but at the books! HaHa! :D I would be honored if you included mine with your own in another post about bookmarks!. =) As for my mom, I do remember you asking that, so sorry for not answering before. My mom's memory is not good any more, which is really sad. Mostly she remembers bad memories and talked about those, (just like me! ). She's never mentioned books or toys, except I remember her talking about getting her own doll for Christmas that her mom re-painted the face and then wrapped up. So sad. =( And about the prema bendy... I don't know of anyone that has your holy grail signed prototype that looks like the other unpainted ones. There are different versions of those unpainted ones and painted ones! For awhile, I was communicating with Russel and Ghostly about them on Insta. It just makes me have more questions though! HaHa! I just can't believe that you've been collecting all these years though and don't have either a painted version or unpainted version. I'm thinking the prototype ones would be a lot harder to come by, but I just don't understand how/why there aren't more that have come up in my research, but I really do think it's because they're in collections and the photos are private and not posted online. I think a lot of the long time collectors have at least a few, so I think they're just in collections already, which would make sense. Lots of people just have them too I think because they love Gumby and kept their childhood ones. Frozen Charlotte is a bit scary for me! HaHa! :D So now before I go to bed I may need to go look at some of your Gumby posts on here! HaHa! I can't believe that it's almost Halloween already!!! :O


that is sad about your mom's doll, often when our older folks can't remember we are the ones to remind them of the stories they use to tell us, it can be a comfort.. my grandma, for example loved her kewpies.. she lost them somehow, & i found some for my toyroom that i knew she would've loved..
i imagine i'll come across one of those cool prema bendies on card just like i discovered that moody rudy in box, in some little obscure collectible shop or some estate sale someday..?
do not fear frozen charlotte.. lols
like all my other toyroom characters, she is merely me (or toxic) in one form or another.. in her hibernating/dissociative state.. i actually made her from the worn edge of my own beloved well worn pillowcase <3 she's not as scary as she may seem ;)
we love halloween here, always have made a big deal out of it, sometimes elaborate frontyard displays.. i have some of our halloweens up on my youtube channel, i always thought of halloween as the safe time for children to learn to deal with fears, & eventually to have fun with it! (toxic started out particularly afraid of skeletons.. haha)


I love Halloween too, Bren, but am afraid of Zombies because of the Night of the Living Dead movie when I was little and afraid of scary dolls due to those Night Gallery and Twilight Zone episodes, which I know that I've mentioned before! :D I would never go into one of those places where people chase you and grab you, because I'd have a heart attack even though I know it's just for fun. HaHa! Yes, I have a strong feeling there are a bunch of those premas out there somewhere. I'm surprised that knock offs haven't shown up for those, but maybe they have. I don't know. I think the prototype you like that is signed is the smallest of them all. It's hard to compare sizes in photos and when only one thing is shown and nothing else shown for reference like a ruler or coin. My mom's memory was so good for so long, but she mostly remembered bad things, just as I do. It's sad that my recent Gumby collection is due to a bad memory that I'm now trying to make better. Your Grandma probably visits the kewpies in your toy room. I seriously feel somebody is guiding me with my Gumby collection. Lots of theories, but since this is a public forum on here and anyone can see our conversations, I don't want to appear stranger than I already do! HaHa!


i'm so sorry you have a negative association with gumby, maybe someone on the other side is trying to help make it up to you with a positive gumby experience instead? i know my grandma helped me find the best old kewpie i have because it was right before her birthday..
it's too bad we don't have enough clues to find your mom one of her lost toys, dolls or books.. my great grandma use to make her own toys & dolls & kitties :) wish i had one of her old dolls.. my sister & i have a couple of her 'teether kitties' at least..
(for us babies to chew


Hi Bren, You know about my poor Gumby getting thrown on the roof (by my nephew who was the same age as me at the time) and getting ruined. It's SO strange sometimes that I've found the things that I have and the things that I had a strong urge to buy or bid on and didn't, I now know I should have gotten after learning more. It's just so weird.......
My mom has a doll that she got as an adult many years ago, maybe 75 or so, from a second hand shop in an old trunk that I took a photo of her with for her birthday. It had a wig with it because it's hair was all off and clothes that didn't fit it. My grandmother had crocheted an outfit for it back then and my mom and sister who has now passed away took the old outfit off because the yarn was rotting and my sister crocheted it a new outfit. That's what she's wearing now.


sally that's lovely about your mom's doll & the picture <3 i think our old dolls/toys can be such a comfort at times, especially when we are without therapy kitties :D
that's right i remember you told me about your gumby on the roof long ago, & i related my similar tale about how my little brother tossed ken's leg up on the roof & i got it back years later after a big rain, all bleached white & weird looking.. lol
little brothers & it seems nephews, could be terrors, you probably have seen my lost modrod post about toxic's cool pedal car & how my little brother & his friends set out to demolish it with their own cars? they Destroyed it!
you know i bet art clokey (& now even joe) probably help us find old gumby gems at times, to make sure they are not lost.. but then that's just me & my weird infj intuition ;)


One of my sisters didn't like it, because she said it reminded her of the old ladies in nursing homes that they give dolls to for comfort for their memory loss/alzheimers patients and that she thought the photo was creepy with the doll in it. Many relatives think the doll may be haunted because of all of the family issues it has caused, but I don't think it's the doll.
I didn't see your post about your destroyed Modrod until today! You and I have too many stories of ruined toys. My Gumby sticks out the most and my Baby Grow A Tooth and Thumbelina doll. I still have the ruined results of those two and replacements. I wish I had the ruined Gumby. I think I have a replacement, but not sure since there are too many versions of him from back then!
I have thought Art or Joe along with my sister Alice and some others have been helping me find Gumby items. It's been very strange, but I think you'd understand if I said more about it, but some of it is too much for this public forum here! HaHa! I feel some weird connection to Toxic as you know! My inner child feels a connection to yours, so I guess that's why when things feel really overwhelming and I escape onto the internet, I make my way back to your blog and toy room and find time to look at something here even when I know I should be doing something else. It's a good mental break for me.


i love those 'reminiscence therapy' places where old folks with memory issues feel just like they're in the past where they feel comforted & not confused, you know? i use our own vast collection of home movies like my own time machine.. lol like yesterday my bedroom was to be recarpeted but they didn't show up till nighttime! i was super stressed & went watching old snowy xmas days with our kitties, it's like therapy i tell you, it helps so much! so i get it. we need an escape these crazy days!

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