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My inner child wishes we were there in person laying down on the floor in front of your Scholastic book shelf reading right now! =)

Have a good weekend, Bren! =)

(PS I sent an email to you yesterday, but wasn't sure if your email address is still the same(?) I wanted to let you know that I sent you a package that should be there Monday. (What's inside is new, not vintage))



i gotta say i really missed the library book sales over the last year, but my vintage library is probably as full as it should be.. lol
it's like a time machine in the toy room..
sally they wanted to charge me too much for my own gumbyland domain email so i had to let it go :(
but hey, if you're able to get the music now at my gallery you could come over for a doll sleepover here:
i can't wait to see what's coming in the mail!!!!
have a good one too sally :)


Thank you, but no doll sleepover with the Zombie dolls for me! HaHa!
I'm sorry that you had to lose your gumbyland domain email address, Bren. That's really a bummer. =(
About your package....Awhile back I told you that I had something cat-related to send to you, so that finally went out to you in the package yesterday and no smells! HaHa! It seems that most all of the vintage stuff I get online arrives smelling and since you're like me with the smells, I don't want to send you anything smelly! HaHa! :D That's why I let you know what's inside is new. =)
I think that I'm a magnet for the smelly stuff since it bothers me so much, but I still want it! HaHa! I still can't get the smell out of those gumby and pokey bendy toys that have been sitting in baking soda since last year! HaHa! I probably wouldn't buy stuff if I knew that it was going to smell so bad once I got it in the mail. Sometimes I ask, but I'm more sensitive than most, so even if people say that something doesn't smell, it usually does! HaHa! :D


i think you're thinking about the zombarbies! dollscape? lol
no worries, this one's just a doll pj party where they play boardgames & watch a spookshow :o

OMG sally! where did you get the prickle pin??! :D
you know prickle is my favorite!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
& your beautiful photo art cards :O !!!!
with envelopes to send them to others?
(not. i'm keeping them, ok?)
they are gorgeous!!!!! all the things i love too, butterflies & ladybugs, pumpkins & even owls..
how do you get these shots???
& those sweet little tom kitties, they look japanese, right?
i feel like my birthday has come early this year, & although i'll be 56, i'm feeling the 6 part moreso these days & less the *50* part.. hahaha
i even was careful with the cute peanuts wrapping paper & tiny bows, yes i appreciate tiny things as you know..
toxic & i thank you sally, i'm in another migraine & these days have been rough but this brings some brightness back ;)
i'm posting prickle to gumbyland right away, & he goes on my favorite jacket with my gumby pin!


Oh no! I hope your migraine gets better soon, Bren! I know how awful they can be! =(

HaHa! About the sleep over....I just know you like the zombie dolls, so thought they may come to visit the slumber party?! HaHa!....I was only kidding, but zombies scare me! I can't watch Night of the Living Dead (the original) even now as an adult and those Night Gallery and Twilight Zone episodes with the dolls! OMG! My dolls went behind the love seat in the living room after one episode when I was a kid! HaHa!

Yay! I was hoping you hadn't gotten a Prickle pin yet, since he just came out and is the newest pin in the Gumby series by Rockin Pins! I have never seen a Pricle pin before this one! =) I know you have some of their pins already and Gumby Central posted about the new Pricle pin online on facebook and I thought you would see their post on Twitter and order one, since he's your favorite, so I hurried and ordered thinking that even if you ordered yourself one, maybe I could get one to you first! HaHa! It wasn't in the Gumby Store yet, so I got him directly from Rockin Pins. =) Do you have the Pokey and Blockheads? If Prickle sells well, a Goo pin may be next!:D

I'm glad that you liked the photo cards I made for you too. =) And I thought that you needed some non-neutered boy kitties! HaHa! And yes, they're Japanese. =) I'm not a fan of not neutering real kitties, but I thought these toy boy kitties were so funny and cute! I'm glad you liked the Peanuts paper and tiny bows too! I figured you might! =)


PS Sorry about my spelling errors (Poor Prickle! I dropped the "k" a couple of times! HaHa!) It's almost 2 am and I need to go to bed!


sally, i'm the same way with ventriloquist's dummies, i've seen them for a real bargain at a local yardsale 2 years in a row & thought Hell no, i don't want that freaky thing in my house! lol i'm also finally getting use to my jolly chimp toy which has scared me in the past..

my son also fears zombies! we all watch the walking dead shows & it's his exposure therapy i guess? i made an album at the ghostgallery you'll want to avoid called 'rots' (that's what we call them) & actually the zombarbies are lots of fun :D as a kid i couldn't even take the night gallery theme music it scared me too much. you know my husband's still too afraid to go into the toyroom alone due to my really old dolls, but i assured him i wouldn't bring anything home that didn't have good safe energy.. (oh, except for evil furby.. did you ever see that post? :O)

i had not seen the prickle pin yet & went up to gumbyworld looking for it, nothing there.. no i don't have pokey or the blockheads either, only the gumby ones i won playing the gumby videogame.. goo would be wonderful, i hope they make enough, i know i've been waiting for vampire gumby to come back in stock for years! (i actually finally found one & ordered it through an online halloween store :)

yes, those boy kitties are adorable! my son loves anything japanese too, there's enough to go around too! so they'll be all over.. i'll photo them once my hand is better..

thanks again, sally, they're so much fun!


HaHa! That post of yours on the Jolly Chimp is hilarious! :D :D :D Those creep me out too, but I'm glad you got another one now! (It bugged me having a similar one on the Gumby episode that I can't think of the name of now! HaHa!) And I used to love ventriloquist dolls when I was young and had some and wanted to be a ventriloquist when I was little. HaHa! So when America's Got Talent came on and Terry Fator won (I actually voted that time!), I was so happy! And then Darci Lynne too! So cute! The old dolls are really creepy though, not even because of all of the creepy movies, but just because they look creepy! I had a Danny O' Day one (and a Tessie Talk. I wanted a girlfriend for him, so that really doesn't seem appropriate now, since she was a young girl and reminded me of Pippi. HaHa!) Gotta run to my mom's, so ttyl.....=)


PS Had to go look it up, because I thought it was one of the pilot episodes and it was from 1955! HaHa!....ok, really need to go.....:D


maybe if i'd watched that show i'd have a better feeling for them.. i just always expect one of them to turn their head toward me & start talking on their own like in the old twilight zone.. :O lols


OMG! I just read your Furby post and looked at the links! :O I had NO idea they were like that! No way would I want one in here! HaHa! If I had one of those when I was little, I would've never recovered from it! These people that program toys to be evil should be held accountable for all of the trauma, therapy and crimes that are committed later due to them causing it! Scary!

At least Raven and Mr. Dad are good sports about some of the toys in the toy room that they may not prefer to be living in there! HaHa! I've only seen the Walking Dead previews on TV, never actually watched the show. I don't think it would be a good idea for me to watch. HaHa!

Have you ever watched the Chucky doll bus stop prank video posted online? It's awful! In spite of myself, I laughed though! :D My nephew showed it to me along with others. I'm not a fan of pranks and having ANY kind of joke played on me, even if it's April Fools Day, etc. HaHa!

I'm not sure if Rockin Pins will make more Gumby Vampire pins or not. They were out of stock in their online store too. I saw some in a Halloween store online too! It let me add to my cart, but I called to make sure they had them before putting it on my credit card on their site and left a message and an employee called me back and said they didn't have any left. I couldn't remember which ones you had and I try to look at posts of your Gumby collection to see if you have something already, but then I think maybe there isn't a photo of every item there. Do you have a photo of each item in your collection posted?

I just checked the Gumby store at Gumbyworld again too just now and don't see the Prickle pins there yet, just from the manufacturer, Rockin pins, so far.


the original furby toys were adorable: we had several while my son was growing up & they were a blast, but the new one is freaking weird! i had no idea, found him in a 'free' box at a summer yardsale, now i know why! :P lol

yeah i was able to order that vampire gumby pin finally through halloweentown, they didn't call me or anything so i hope the order is going through ok..? i've waited long enough for it to 'come back'.. maybe at halloweentime? but then they disappear so quickly, you know? yep i try to update my gumby collection page as soon as i can, just put prickle up there yesterday ;)


If your order was recent for the Vampire pin, maybe they think that I was you when I called and that's why they didn't call you?! Or maybe they fulfilled your order and then I called after? I hope so! I was going to get you a Gumby Vampire pin, HaHa! but didn't place my order and called first, because I don't like putting my credit card number on websites and they didn't have a pay pal option, so I checked first. Hopefully you'll get yours, since I couldn't get any! It was Halloweentown in so cal (Burbank) and they had a phone number, so I called and left a message. The employee that called back and said that they didn't have any left said that she would have the manager update the website. I asked what would've happened if they didn't have any and I had actually placed the order on my credit card and she said they just wouldn't have charged my credit card. Maybe they fulfilled your order, but I think I would check to make sure if I were you. If they haven't sent you an email or anything, I would call them if you haven't heard anything. Did you check your credit/debit card that you used? It sounds like the same store, so I would call and check!

I do see that you put Prickle up! =) =) Did you order a Pokey and the Blockheads? I don't always want them all, only some. I have some of the old pins and buttons, but not all of them. I had never seen an old Prickle pin though, so I'm thinking this new one may be the first one?! I got Gumby, Pokey, Prickle and the Blockheads and they look really cute together! I wasn't sure if you had the Pokey and Blockheads, so didn't order those for you, but knew you liked Prickle. You have 201 Gumby posts and I haven't been able to look through them all! HaHa! I wasn't sure if the collection had everything when I was scrolling through it, so I just got you Prickle, since you really like him. I always forget what I saw of yours too and I guess it doesn't matter if you have duplicates but I wanted to get you something you didn't get already. It's hard since you've been collecting for SO long and maybe don't care for everything, even though it is Gumby related, just like some of those weird gumby's and stuff that we've seen and laughed about. I took a photo of the Gumby, Pokey, Prickle and Blockheads and posted online trying to get more sales for Rockin Pins, because they had messaged me that if Prickle sold well, that they would be making Goo next. I want them to do all the characters! Minga, Gumbo, Gumba, Nopey, Lowbelly, Groobee, Tara, No Buckle, Fat Buckle, Thin Buckle, etc! How cute would that be?! I want them to make a series that look like the 50's and 60's Gumby did and have them in different positions. They have so many cute pins. Popeye, Betty Boop and lots of others (I have a sister that is a fan of Popeye and Betty Boop!) If they made all those characters, I would go broke buying them all though! HaHa!


PS I checked earlier and the Halloween store was still showing in stock and now later when I just checked is showing temporarily out of stock. Let me know if you get your order or if you called them, ok? I'm going to message Rockin Pins about them now.....


Ok, just heard back and was told that they would restock soon and to stay tuned! =)


"soon" could be months though! HaHa! Everyone has a different meaning for the word. :D


yep. you were right, sally, halloweentown told me 2 of the 3 things i ordered are not in stock! so i told them to cancel it all.. :( oh well..


p.s. i just learned today a group of ladybugs is called a 'loveliness' of ladybugs.. like your photos, sally :)


Hi Bren, It's been awhile since I've visited, but wanted to let you know that my mom fell and broke her wrist on Father's Day and it's been a nightmare ever since. I've had to have her in Rehab, because I can't lift her, roll her, etc. and take care of her myself any more due to my health issues and back problems. So since Father's Day, she was in one Rehab, then back to the Er and then to another Rehab where she's still at and has fallen multiple times and gone to the Er from there too, etc. Got a bed sore, UTI, and is being neglected. I haven't slept much.... Just got the cast on Fri. the 2nd and got a new one put on Wednesday! Right after she got the cast, she supposedly fell during her morning Rehab appt. I'm so overwhelmed and it's been a nightmare, so it will be awhile before I'll be back hanging out in your toy room. I hope you're hanging in there too and just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and let you know what is going on. =( <3


sally, i'm so sorry that happened! :o
i've been preoccupied with our own medical trauma here lately too.. my hubby had a cancerous melanoma removed & then had surgery to take more material from his arm & lymphnodes, he is now thankfully All Clear! but we had that freakish heat event & it's been super stressful here too, doing home repairs & having people in the house, etc.. try to take care of yourself & know the toyroom has been here 9 years now & it's like a time machine, you can go back to old posts anytime, you know?
on a side note, i was just talking to an old gumbyfriend on insta called all things animation who is really into the old bendies, if you haven't met him you might want to introduce yourself to him sometime.. he's on youtube too..
p.s. i just bored shopped on ebay & succumbed! (gumby posts ahead!)


Oh no, Bren! I'm glad that your hubby is ok! My mom and I are now waiting to see if we get COVID! =( After I commented here last Friday morning, when I went to visit my mom, I was told that one of the employees tested positive for COVID, so I wasn't going to be able to visit my mom, so I took her out of there, broke her out of there was more like it. I wasn't going to let her get stuck in there when they shut down the place. Now we both could get COVID and neither of us is vaccinated. It just sucks, because I don't have any caregivers lined up yet, so I'm exhausted. I would do it again though, because I couldn't leave her in there! Hopefully we won't get it, so more stress on top of everything else.....I hope your own health is stable. I will look forward to your bored shopping Gumby posts! HaHa! And yes, I have been talking to him on Insta about the old bendies. I still have not done any retouching with paint though like he has! I enjoy his videos and photos. It's nice to talk to another nice Gumby fan. I still haven't figured out all the history though like I wanted to, but I'm still sure someone out there must know more!


oh my! you guys are in my prayers.. i'll be posting my new gumbyland finds soon :)


Oh Bren! I missed your birthday! =( Have been SO overwhelmed and stressed out! Sorry! My mom and I are doing ok and it's been 17 days since the indirect exposure. Bad thing is that lots of people are going to be around us for her 100th birthday, so that is totally adding more stress! I will look for your gumbyland finds posts as soon as I get a chance. Not much time for anything, but I did make a trade with a very private SoCal gumby collector and got a better prema heart gumby for my future planned photos, but now am afraid to bend him and play with him! Luckily, no money, just a trade! I miss talking with you by email! I will catch up here when I can! Up early, because my mom gets up at night and the early am hours to go to the bathroom, so am getting even less sleep than before, so more exhausted and overwhelmed and stressed, but wanted to check in here. I hope you had a nice birthday! xo<3 ttyl.....


good to hear from you & glad you're safe after your exposure. that's very cool about your trade, i know after my hubby got the all clear after his latest medical trauma i was so relieved i binged out on gumby items (& of course got a cool new toy for my bday too!) yeah, i know i'm weird letting the email go but they want to charge me too much, i also have never owned a smartphone, in this day & age i know that's unheard of.. lol.. but my son is the same way :D take care of yourself & let your mom know that we at gumbyland officially wish her the happiest 100th birthday!!! what an accomplishment!! good for her :)
take care you guys!!!!!

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