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a ghost.. a real ghost.. has no need to die.. what is she except a being without access to the universe that she has not yet managed to forget? ~ randall jarrell
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  • these are excerpts from the book toxic & i wrote about our childhood... it's called 'brenda was here'.. let me know what you think/comments? p.s. stories here are non fiction/true. (privately hosted ~ if you're interested in reading this just ask:)

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    deliciously classic or wonderfully gross, these vintage recipes for kids from the golden magazine for boys & girls or jack & jill magazine are fun even if they don't make it to your table..
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Loved walking through the Christmases past! So many great memories. Totally forgot Hermie did the Tooth extraction. So many great lines from that movie. “Land ho!” “Let’s be independent together”. “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli “. Oh, wait, that last one ....

I still have my Gumby that you gave me and I always use him to walk all over my globe o make a point (like gravity and the angle of Polaris by latitude).

Hope you all are warm and cozy for Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, I’m up before the Sun to do chores, but I’m just hanging here and fooling with my night sky app and checking what Christmas movies I might catch on TCM. So, best start ever 😁

Merry Christmas 🎄 from my family to yours. I hope you have a wonderful time. And I hope Santa brings you something special.


P.s. ha! I remember the comment about Susie peeing out here eyeballs. There is definitely part of me stuck in preteen adolescence!


Does absolutely everyone hate auto correct? If I could, as a gift to mankind, I’d disable auto correct. I say enough incoherent things without any autocorrect help.


we were up before light the last couple days with mr dad's app to photo venus & zubenelgenubi & that big winter solstice full moon :o thank you & hope you & yours have an awesome christmas too! susie's eyeball trick has always been my favorite theory as to her misfit status, you also once said, the misfits are the good people, & i love that still! that's cool to hear gumby is still aiding your presentations, there's something in the works with the clokeys & jim henson to make new adventures, so maybe your students will even know who he is.. lols
we're sorta holiday orphans with no family around, so it's extra good to hear from friends.. tcm sounds good, or even comet tv! me & mr dad are trying to get work done on our latest house, innsmouth house.. (exclusive teaser: it has an interdimensional lovecraftian portal in the attic! :D)
merry merry!

p.s. damn autocorrect! it thinks i eat 'fungibles' instead of fudgsicles :p

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