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Hey man. I have been looking for this castle FOREVER. What brand is it?? Is it for sale??


brandon ~
hey, yeah, good luck finding one since i can't find a brand, only made in china on the bottom. we got these both from a mail order company in the 90's that sold import items in bulk, thus why we bought 2. i only sell my duplicates so no i'm afraid it's not for sale. my ebay link has anything i'm selling right now.. but thanks for visiting!


I've been looking for this forever, too. I had one when I was four, only the drawbridge door was pink and all the inside doors were yellow. I used to catch fireflies and put them in the dungeon, but they always squeezed through the bars.


lol! :D


Can you tell me who makes this castle and where I can get one just like it?


check out the other comments..
sorry i can't help much ~


I'm very happy I stumbled upon your website on my search for this castle playset but sad their is no brand information. Do you remember the name of the mail order company, I know it has been a very long time since then haha. Thank you ahead of time :D


I even tried a reverse image search which brought me nothing but now that I have a photo the search will get a little better thank you.


steve ~
you know it was just some import company that we got a catalog from my that my husband found at work, it was cheap because they sold everything in multiples, clothes, toys, office stuff.. the company's probably long gone.. i think i had to buy 3 of these castles to get the price, i kept one of each kind & gave the third to my niece as a gift.. funny how many people still remember these little toys! i wish i could be more help..


1999 Kool Toyz Hidden Adventure Castle Playset


omg! I, well you found it! I was at the store and seen a castle with horse and carage. i thought the horse and carage looked familiar but thats it. Then I remembered my old castle. Soon as I seen your pictures it all came back! thank you!! ^_^


another toy lost & found :)


I have one of these... are they worth much? I know nothing about it..


hi misty,
as you can see lots of people remember these & are looking for them, they were imports & hard to find now.. i don't know how much you could get for one, but i remember seeing alot of people talking about them & linking here from a redit forum, if you could still find that thread, people there may be interested rather than just take your chance selling on ebay..
good luck,


These were a lot of fun. Loved the catapults and the little knights.

Aaron Hardy

I have this castle. I found it in the thrift store without the extra accessories or action figures. I bought it, revamped it and got some miniature knights to go with it. check me out on instagram to see it tattoo_ace


so many people remember this old castle! your version looks great, me & mr dad like to create mini houses together, check out down left in the sidebar for a bunch, right now we're working on one called 'innsmouth house' with a lovecraftian theme :)


I have this castle too since 1998


The "girl's" castle is called:

Blue Box Tiny Dreams Fairy Castle Play Set

the "boy's" castle was called:

Kool Toyz Hidden Adventure Castle Playset


thanks abby! i have updated the post accordingly, so many people remember these little castles!!


Just buy one , still in the box ! The compagnie is blue box and they call it hidden adventures Castle play set


kim, thanks for the info! :D

Rolf Janssen

Hell yeah i need to buy this thing again, loved it as a kid




Kim do you have a link for Blue Box? My brother has been dying to find one of these again


Hi not sure how to post on here but I've noticed these castles were part of a line called Bluebox Adventures. I have a haunted castle version which I haven't been able to find anywhere. I'm not sure how to post images on here but would love to share pictures.


i would love to see & share pix of a haunted castle version! i never knew there was one, just the little ghost in the knight's castle shown above, these little playsets get lots of attention still!


I have the haunted version how do I upload pics I’ll do it now


It has 3 coffins where the ramp goes and makes loads of weird noises and flashes up I was born 1996 and got it sometime when I was a kid I’ve never seen another one since I’m thinking it was like a Halloween special so probleys not many of them about at all


I have the box all the characters and it still lights up 😅 id never partways with it it’s litteraly been with me since I was a baby.


rc ~ :D sent you an email!


Hey, I've now taken some photos. If you can give me your email address I'll send them across.



hey andy,
i've sent you an email at your hotmail address you used for the comment..
if you didn't receive it then here is my email address:
[email protected]

thanks so much for taking photos!


now UPDATED this post links at the bottom to my 2020 flashback friday favorites with andy's cool haunted castle playset pictures! enjoy!!


I also had this castle. I also had a pirate ship that was quite similar to this castle, also the figures were like they were from same base mold. It had a cannon, traps, treasure chest, a lifeboat and a shark! I'm certain they were from the same brand, too bad i can't remember the brands name.. Need to keep on searching!

Of course i played with all of these, they were destroyed eventually... Only ones that are left are the dragon and the shark


so far as we have figured out, these playsets were usually called blue box or kool toyz adventure playsets.. i've never heard of the pirate ship before, that's cool to know it might be out there somewhere too! :D


Thanks for the tip, found it immediately!


lost & found.. very cool! :D


UPDATE: the rare haunted castle playset version!!!!


Oh, hell yeah. I had this when I was a kid, and my little brother had the pirate ship version. Just reminiscing over some stuff I had, like Mighty Max Battles with Grapple Cat, and there was this Batman kind of Mighty Max one too. Also had, I called it Spiderman City, but apparently it's called Spiderman Daily Bugle Playset. But damn, just wanted to say that there was this really sick alien playset I had by the same brand as well. It's called Hidden Adventures Space Zone. Check it out. There's two variants. A smaller and a bigger size. I had the larger version.


Sorry, I meant "Mighty Max Grapples with Battle Cat".


ok so hidden adventures space zone is new (old) to me! everyone loved these playsets :D i posted the haunted castle version here:
& the wizard castle here too:
& a pirate ship? :D


Yeah, nice. Had no idea about the haunted/wizard castle variants. Really cool.

Yeah, it was just called Hidden Adventures Pirate Ship. Came with a shark. Ship had an anchor etc.

And aside from the Hidden Adventures Space Zone I mentioned, I'm also discovering there was a:

— Hidden Adventures Deep Sea Discovery
— Hidden Adventures Wild West Playset
— Hidden Adventures Castle Playset: King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table
— Hidden Adventures Dino Zone
— Hidden Adventures Ritterburg Spielset (a German castle variant)
— Hidden Adventures The Time of Dragons

The Dino Zone looks really familiar. I may have had that one as well.


i think many of these were only available in europe, uk, australia? i've seen pix of some of the various tiny figures that must go with the sets you mention.. these playsets were sure a hit with kids of that era :D


Yeah, possibly. I'm from Australia, so that might explain why my brother and I had multiple different sets. And yep, sounds like it. :)


i have a castle with only the cone tower top . do you have any ideas on spare parts for it . thank you .


hey stef, this old thread still gets traffic, try checking out the other comments, they do come up on ebay here & there but it takes patience i've found..
also worth looking on mercari & other auction sites..
thanks for commenting!

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