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Someone actually paid $86.00 for this Gumby. =( Even worse, there were 2 bidders. Starting bid was $85.00.

There have been a few other "1965 Patent Pending 1st Version Gumby" listings lately as well that have not yet sold. The one that sold must've seemed like a bargain to those 2 bidders =(.

I believe they all come from this listing for this Gumby listed for $250 (which I ironically found on another website marked down to $37.50!) :

1965 PATENT PENDING GUMBY by GTC 1st Version RARE! | eBay

Here are the others that I've seen:

This one for $199.95:

Vintage 1965 Patent Pending 1st Version Gumby Action Figure | eBay

And this one for $169.99:

Vintage 1965 Patent Pending 1st Version Gumby Action Figure | eBay

I will send you screenshots through Instagram.


For some reason the other links did not go through, so trying again:


that's right, it is also up in the weird gumbys post.. lol


so i can't see the makers mark on the back of the leg of the supposed gtc one, but these prices don't surprise me really, sellers are always going to get what they can, & i've always said old gumby bendies are worth whatever collectors are willing to pay for them.. there's never been a standard price, it has fluctuated & gone up over all the years as they get harder to find. the glow gumbys went up to hundreds of dollars for awhile & then settled back down to a more reasonable price again, that's how it goes, it's always buyer beware.


None of them are gtc, all unmarked. In my opinion, these are all later, at least 1966. I don't believe any of them are patent pending and one just like them sold with 2 Pokeys for $20 something just recently too. I've gotten some unmarked ones like these in the past couple of years for $10. I saw the glow ones going for high and then went way down, I think even for $10. I didn't buy one. Now stuff has gone up again. It's so strange how it flucuates in just the 2 years that I've looked. It's just sad to me that some of the buyers are going by what that one seller wrote in his listing and then other sellers think it's true and that's what they write too/copy. It's terrible. I've way overpaid for things too, but it just is sad to see for me sometimes, because I don't like people getting taken advantage of, but you're right, it's buyer beware!


Well, I guess I shouldn't say too much, since even though I love Gumby and have been a fan for as long as I can remember, I was not a collector. I only have the past couple of years seeing what is available and what it sells for, not 20 or 30 years like you and some others have. So since I don't have a lot of experience, I shouldn't say anything about what stuff sells for! HaHa! :D Most people think I'm crazy for what I've bought, collected and paid for things! I've paid a lot of money for broken glass that was dumped into the ocean! HaHa! :D So what do I know?! =)


sally you know as much & more than most gumby collectors by now! yeah i was selling on ebay right at the start, selling my vintage toys to buy gumby items, & there was SO much more available then it's not even comparable, & cheap! i snagged lots that the seller had no clue what they were (now those super rares :) so it balances out, the seller who doesn't know what they had, you know?
ebay's unregulated regular people, so i think of it like yardsales, i can't count how many .25 old gumby bendies & trolls i found in the dim past out yardsaling, & i've sold lots of my own stuff holding yardsales, when we needed space, but then there are those yardsale houses where they think their items are special & super valuable, just because they're theirs? whatever, you learn to walk past those houses & watch the same stuff appear back there the next year lol.. like the ebay relisters' items that go on & on for years, until someone wants something bad enough to pay for that convenience..


Yes, I understand about it balancing out. When people want something badly enough, they will pay more than it should be worth to have it, which I have done with some things I've bought as well. I have also sold or given away many things not knowing the value until later, so you're right, I shouldn't feel bad about it, especially about what others have paid for something, especially if they're happy about it. Maybe the $86 gumby was someone's version that they remembered from childhood. =) Just because I don't want to pay that for that one doesn't mean that it's not worth that much to someone else! You would cringe at how much I've paid for some things, especially the newer items that aren't even vintage!


i've gotten ripped off a few times, but i know i've snagged treasure for pennies Wayyy more times so i'm good.. lol
it's funny i use to 'snipe' ebay items at auction, you know bid in the last seconds & snag the items before anyone had time to react & outbid me ;)
but i don't even buy ebay auction items anymore because my heart pounds during that last minute you know? like karma?? lol
& i have a heart condition (cardiomyopathy) so i just don't do that anymore.. i love the convenience of 'buy it now' even at a higher price :)


I understand. I'm too busy and miss a lot of auction endings. One good thing with the Buy It Now as opposed to an auction for me personally is that I don't have to worry about possibly bidding against a fellow gumby collector that I like. HaHa! I'm glad we can't see who buys things or is bidding on things any more. In the past, people would drive up the prices on something else if you outbid them on something. That happened to me a lot with composition dolls way back when. The good thing for me with Gumby is that a lot of the collectors I communicate with only like the vintage stuff, not the newer things, so if I buy or bid on something newer, it's most likely not going up against someone I communicate with here online. I like to buy or recommend new Gumby DVDs and toys to help keep Gumby alive for future generations and really like that people can watch Gumby with their kids and grandkids and play with the bendy toys with them. I think a lot of the vintage bendy toys have been passed down in families until poor Gumby falls apart! HaHa! There were millions made back then and a lot of people still have and kept the ones they played with as a kid. =)


yes, in the past jeff w & i have alerted each other to cool auctions so we won't both bid against each other too! :)


That's cool that you and Jeff have done that. =) I have a nice Gumby collector named John that I bought stuff from, and communicate with on ebay that sends me an ebay message when he sees a listing that I might be interested in that he's not interested in getting, since he's collected for a long time too like you and Jeff and knows that I haven't been collecting that long. I really appreciate it. =)


HaHa! :D I just thought about what you said about sniping! I tried it this morning on a listing I had an earlier bid on and was outbid on and lost, (it wasn't gumby related), but was a lot of stuff and I only wanted a few items and would have to add the rest to my "re-sell at some point in the future stuff" which I have too much of already, but I thought about the rapid heart beating, etc., which I'm not fond of either, plus the shakiness! HaHa! :D Anyway, happy holidays, Bren! =)


there's techniques to the perfect snipe, for example if i were going to bid on something i absolutely wanted at any price & felt particularly death-defying, i'd wait till the last seconds & drop a Very High Bid, an odd number too, with 7s in it.. even if other bidders tried to snipe as well, they didn't have time to outsnipe me! lol.. but it's definitely not for the faint of heart..
i'm too old for that now.. haha

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